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I'm been soooo Lazy

     Sorry everyone. I haven't been anywhere doing anything Backgammon wise since Charlotte this year . . . And, I didn't even take my camera. So pitiful, me.

     However, Dave Wetzel and I did win the Doubles Division in Charlotte. We'd never met before the moment I walked over to him and asked if he'd be willing to partner with me. The person with whom I was going to partner backed out -- right there at the registration table. I was dumbfounded. Nonetheless, the tournament director told me that Dave was looking for a partner and that's when I walked over and talked to him about it.

     Dave was a really good sport, an excellent player, a gentle spirit and a mind for math. Thanks go to him for partnering with me, a total stranger and an average seat-of-the-pants style backgammon player.

Diane Varner

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March 23, 2017

Georgia 2002 Championships 23rd Chicago Open 2002
Carolina Invitational 2002 50th Indiana 2002 Open
Midwest 2002 Championships 2002 Las Vegas Open
2002 Midwest BG Championships, 3-02 Carolina Open, 1-02
Jon Vietor Invitational, LaJolla, CA 9-01 Carolina Open, Charlotte 8-8-021
49th Indiana Open, 8-01 2000 Atlanta BG Championships
Las Vegas Open, 11-2000 2000 Florida State Championships
Pittsburgh 2000 48th Indiana Open 2000

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